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Plastic Bags

Lucie Beardwood

“I have always been interested in writing; I see my works as stories, although I write these stories using objects instead of words, captured moments instead of descriptive paragraphs. I do not make,…


Ben Baker

Designer/Maker Trying to make people giggle since he can remember. Humour is a key ingredient in the design of things. Inject that and hopefully sentiment will follow. Thus causing people to look after…


Catriona Robertson

Catriona is a conceptual artist working in a variety of mediums including sculpture, installation and performance. She graduated from Central Saint Martin’s, London where she specialised in sculpture. Catriona has shown work across…

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Edwina Truelove

Edwina Truelove/LuckyTreacle is a thirty year old mother of two, who finally, after a period of horrific mania, followed the courage of her convictions in order to pursue the artistic side of herself. She has…


Camilla Emson

Camilla Emson is a London based artist that uses her body with materials to channel kinds of ‘repair.’ Emson’s practice is centred on her experimentation with materials, which has involved wrapping objects, sewing…


Oliver Palmer

Oliver Palmer lives and works in London. His practice is spread across several different but related areas of interest: the potential of art works or art props to be used to intervene in…


Laura Bodo Lajber

Laura Bodo Lajber’s art draws on the legacy of the American artist Joseph Cornell, an exponent of assemblage. Cornell’s most characteristic art works were boxed assemblages created from found objects. Bodo Lajber has…


Radhika Agarwala

Combining the sacred and the secular, the figurative and the geometric, Radhika Agarwala’s work explores the different ethics and visual languages between Asian and Western cultures, and make playful gesture towards a complex…

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