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Martin Lau

“The underlying aim of my artwork is to convey particularly resonant subjective experiences that I have felt to others. Intellectual notions can form a part of my work, especially when building upon the…


Tito Nicolau

“With a Fine Arts Background and a degree in Graphic design, I worked in some studios to develop my skills. Then after a while I felt a need to express myself, the result…

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Paul Iwala

“I am a London based photographer whose origins are West African. These three images are extracts (or what can otherwise be read as extracted) from a body of work spanning across six cities:…

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Victoria Haviland

‘With the hand of my heart from the face of my remembrance; until what I wish for be unveiled and appear in sight out of its secret place’ – Le Geoff. “I explore…


Sophie Shohani

Graduated in 2011 from Manchester School of Art in Embroidery. Interested in mixed media, surface pattern, textiles, illustration and photography. Very interested in gaining experience within artistic fields and collaboration within new ventures….


Ebru Herbil-Bradley

“As a child I learned about life, about myself through playing. Now I am still learning through playing and now I call it ‘Art’.  For me ‘Art’ is a game, a serious game,…

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Tereza Haszprunarová

Tereza (Coco Rococo) is young and fresh London based freelance photographer specializing in advertising and fashion photography with overlaps to modern art. Her deepest desire is to create beautiful  images that would appeal to human mind and…


Emil Ramadan

Born in Quito, Ecuador, Emil studied photography from the early age of 13. With a 35 mm Pentax k1000, he spent his childhood photographing and developing his own pictures in a tiny lab…

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