‘lonesometogether’ is an autonomous community of artists of many cultural backgrounds and disciplines currently scouring Brixton for a theatrical space in which to further explore their emerging praxis. This praxis is called experiential photo-phonics, an impoverished bastard cousin of cinema. It evolved through a collaboration on the project of the same name – ‘lonesometogether’ – an aesthetic enquiry into the nature of human isolation in the modern urban environment.

‘Horseman, pass by’ is a closer examination of the first of the lonesometogether encounters between actor, photographer and sound artist. It deals with issues such as mental health, homelessness, loneliness¬†and alludes to a palpable moral concern with the attitudes, priorities¬†and preoccupations of our modern society. ‘Horseman, pass by’ features actor Cillian Roche, photographer Pablo Rojas and sound art by Wojciech Hupert.

Cillian Roche Website
Pablo Rojas Website
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